quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2009

dia 3 de Abril (Ciclo Páscoa Feliz)
21:30h. - Moagem

Jesus Cristo Superstar de Norman Jewison, 1973, 106 min. M12

País: E.U.A.

Género: Musical /Histórico

Intérpretes: Ted Neely (Jesus Cristo), Carl Anderson (Judas Iscariotes), Yvonne Elliman (Maria Madalena), Barry Dennen (Poncius Pilatos),

Música: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Sinopse: Baseado num conceito de projecto álbum escrito por Andrew Lloyd Webber e Tim Rice que resultou no longo desempenho da Broadway, este filme conta, duma maneira anacrónica, a história dos 6 dias finais na vida de Jesus Cristo visto pelos conflituosos olhos de Judas Iscariot.

Norman Jewison's "Jesus Christ Superstar" is a bright and sometimes breathtaking retelling of the rock opera of the same name. It is, indeed, a triumph over that work; using most of the same words and music, it succeeds in being light instead of turgid, outward-looking instead of narcissistic. Jewison, a director of large talent, has taken a piece of commercial shlock and turned it into a Biblical movie with dignity.


The movie has become controversial for a couple of reasons: Jewish groups have attacked it for being anti-Semitic, and some reviewers have wondered aloud why the only black in the movie happened to be cast as Judas.

Roger Ebert

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